Cilio Cooling Stones Set of 9


Key Selling Features:

– Reusable

– Material is tasteless and odorless

– Set of 9 pieces

– Incl bag for storage

– Granite


–¬†Rinsed the cool stones under running water, air dry and store in practical storage bag for their next use.


With Cilio, the drink on the rocks takes on a whole new meaning. The COOL ROCKS cooling stones ensure that whiskey, white wine, gin, and tonic are at the right temperature. These reusable coolers make it super easy to keep drinks cool without watering them down. The material is tasteless and odorless.

They are stored in the freezer and have the format of ice cubes. The granite cubes do not dilute the cocktail, In a jug with homemade lemonade or flavored water, the cooling stones are also a real eye-catcher.