About Us

Since the start of time we have been using fire to cook our food. As the years went on cooking styles changed as we were always looking to improve the flavour of our meat. One of those methods is smoking. This method allows you to cook your food with smoke. This method was originally used to preserve food however in today’s times it’s all about the flavour.

The key to this method is low and slow indirect cooking. It has become a worldwide favourite due to its ability to create incredible flavour, colour and ultimately, tenderness. In South Africa, we do things a little differently. We like to braai and for people who don’t know, that is direct grilling over coals. However, over the past few years more and more people have been practising the art of smoking. The problem was the lack of availability of wood suitable for smoking. Move on to 2020 and Into the Woods was established. Due to hard lockdown preventing us from continuing with our exports, we had to turn to the local market.

Sitting in front of my smoker pondering, it hit me when I picked up a cherry chunk to throw onto the coals. Since there was only a limited variety of sawdust and wood chips available. The smoking industry was longing for a supplier of suitable wood for cooking their meats. That next week out came the chainsaw and axe. Down came a cherry & pear tree. It was processed into logs and then chunks and advertised. the response was overwhelming and the demand has grown ever since, leading us to remove more trees and process them for the smoker.

Into the Woods is here to stay and will be bringing more and more to the smoking industry. Please take the time to go through our website.